Eight Weeks Mindfulness Lesson Plans

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8 week lesson plans for teachers, counsellors and others who want to introduce mindfulness to their students, children or clients.
Inclusive Special Bonuses:
• 9 Demonstration Videos; Breathing, The Body Scan, The Mind-o-meter, Mindful Listening, Connectivity etc.
• 3 Short video animations that are great for engaging any resistant teenager.
• A Quick Introduction to Mindfulness – ebook by Rita Riccola.

This 8 week programme has run extensively in schools for primary and secondary and only needs language-appropriate adjustments to cater ot each group. The lesson plans can be adapted for adult groups also, designed to raise all participants awareness of our relationship to our thoughts, feeling, others, the earth and recognising the emergence of the qualities of kindness, empathy and compassion over the 8 week period. The lessons build over the 8 weeks to week-by-week develop a deeper understanding of why mindfulness is such a powerful, effective, self-regulating strategy.

The Teacher is Rita Riccola who has been a registered educator for many years and have more than 25 years experience of mindfulness and meditation. She is one of New Zealand's leading Mindfulness Teachers.

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Mindfulness in the classroom

8 week lesson plans for teachers and others who want to introduce mindfulness to their students, children and clients.

Improve students and childrens ability to deal with stress and anxiety with proven, ready-to-use mindfulness lesson plans

Ongoing research points to the need for all students to receive some form of mental training to fulfil their educational and personal potential.

These lesson plans gives you a resource to improve students ability to deal with stress and anxiety as well as improve attention and focus and cultivate kindness and empathy.

Each week you will find different activities and practices to help engage students in the mindfulness process and assist in internalising the mindfulness process. In addi- tion audio files are provided to reinforce the daily practice.

The lessons are designed by a teacher and complies with the objectives of the curriculum for personal development, including a focus on social and emotional development, personal self-regulation and building resilience- qualities recognised as benchmarks for success in life.

Studies have shown that social behaviour and academic achievement increase signifi- cantly among students who have received Mindfulness instruction. Mindfulness has been proven to help children make sense of their emotions and the world around them.
In our fast paced world, where the increasing demands of living, places enormous stress on all people, children, teenagers and adults, the purposeful, daily cultivation of connection to self, others and the world around us has been proven to assist mental, emotional and physical balance.

Benefits such as:
• Decreased stress and anxiety
• Better sleep
• Better self-management
• Less reactivity
• Improved mental resilience
• Better focus
• Increased self-awareness
are commonplace when you practice mindfulness regularly.


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