Bring Mindfulness to The Classroom

Self-Paced Online Course

Designed and Guided by a Reg. Educator

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Learn How to Teach Mindfulness
Using Proven & Successful Methods
based on the latest research and techniques

“Thanks for all your help and an Awesome useful course”.Debra S.

Unpack all aspects of mindfulness in your own time in this self-paced online course. Establish your own practice through gudied audios. Learn to facilititate and get the confidence to guide both groups and one-to-one sessions for any age-group through watching demonstration videos, studying text material and applying the ready-to-use lesson plans. Keep on top of what happens in the mindfulness world and expand on your knowledge by having access to a growing tools and resources library and ongoing support.

“A great course. Life changing. Can’t wait to get started in the classroom!”.Emma B.

As the benefits of Mindfulness practices are becoming more widely recognised, there is now a growing demand in schools and work places for Mindfulness training and trained Mindfulness facilitators.

Ongoing research into Mindfulness points to the need for all students to receive some form of mental training to fulfil their educational and personal potential.

In our fast paced world, where the increasing demands of living places enormous stress on all people, children, teenagers and adults, the purposeful, daily cultivation of minimising stress, self-regulation, connection to self, others and the world around us has been proven to assist mental, emotional and physical balance.

Take the guesswork and daunting research out of implementing a mindfulness strategy to help everyone enjoying a happier workplace.

It could be a daunting task to implement mindfulness into your school or workplace if you didn’t know where to start…

With this self-paced online course there is no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ as its content has already been tested with students of all ages and in classrooms across New Zealand and with hundreds of teachers in New Zealand and Australia.

In this online certificate course you will not only be introduced to and learn the the powerful Mindfulness techniques that are helping individuals from all walks of life to have more balance and focus in their lives. You will also receive the tools and training to teach these techniques to anyone around you, including adults, students, children and elderly.

Starting with yourself

Part 1 is a foundation course where you establish your own mindfulness practice.

Part 2 consist of modelling videos and a teachers manual  with key points in delivering mindfulness sessions. It gives guidance on how to use language, your voice and guide groups.

Ready To Use Lesson Plans

Part 3 is a complete set of  lesson plans covering eight weeks. Ready to use as they are or as a starting point for building your own lessons. Several videos to demonstrates the different exercises are included.

There  is also a members forum and email support available at any time.
This course is based on the successful program Mindfulness in Australia and New Zealand has been running the past five years as well as latest research and techniques on teaching mindfulness designed by the original MBSR members who trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Part 1 – Establish Your Own Practice

The first part of the course is an 8 week foundation where you focus on establishing your own Mindfulness practice by listening to guiding audios and watching some instruction videos while keeping a daily mindfulness journal.

In your own time you will be introduced to and learn the powerful Mindfulness techniques that are helping individuals from all walks of life to have more balance and focus in their lives.

You will see for yourself that the ability to focus on one thing at a time is a skill and requires practice. Just as athletes train on a daily basis to maintain fitness and stamina, Mindfulness, which is a mental training, requires regular daily practice to experience the many well documented benefits especially of de-stressing, relaxing the body and generally self-managing in a new and empowering way.

Through guided, simple easy-to-do practices you are training the mind to be more present in the moment resulting in lowered anxiety, increased alertness anda being truly present in your life.

Learn At Your Own Pace
with guided audio sessions

Audio exercises that you can listen to online
or download to any mobile devices.

Part 2 – Learn To Facilitate Mindfulness

In the second part we will be looking carefully at the basic neuroscience; how purposefully connecting with the body’s self-calming para-sympathetic nervous system leads to- lower stress and anxiety, increased attention and mental clarity, improved social and emotional intelligence and a host of other life-enhancing benefits.

Teaching mindfulness is about guiding people to their own mindfulness practice. It’s about co-creating an environment where mindfulness can ‘happen’.
In this ‘safe space’ everyone has the ability to come into a deeper contact with who they really are by continually being offered the possibility of surrendering to the present moment, exactly as it is, without an agenda or expected outcome. That requires the shared intention of all present.

In this module you will learn, as the teacher/guide, how to use language, your voice, authority and authenticity to create an environment, where a deep trust between participants naturally arises and a sense of freedom and safety also.
To guide mindfulness is like nothing else, it is not teaching in a traditional sense, it is not therapy either. It is more like ‘uncluttering’ the over-filled, busy mind.

Establishing your own Mindfulness practice (part 1) and the fundamental understanding of how mindfulness works from a more scientific point of view, you will have built the foundation needed to effectively guide others on to their own mindfulness journey. You will find that you more easily can put into words experiences that are outside the tangible and ‘practical’.

Neuroscience and how the Mindfulness process works is covered in the demonstration videos.

NEW – The Science of Mindfulness

We have added a 20 part video series recorded direct from live zoom trainings that takes you through a number of highly relevant topics such as Neuroplasticity & the Brain, The Thinking and the Observing Self, The Limbic System & Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, How To Guide a Group, Interconnectivity, Cultivating Values, What it takes to become a trainer etc. There are interactions with the participants and guidance on how to develop your own mindfulness program and the requirements for becoming a successful facilitator.

We believe this addition of almost 4 hours of new content will take the course to a new level of usefulness and give you heaps of ideas for powerful exercises to use and how to setup your sessions in the most effective way.

Part 3 – Bring Mindfulness to The Classroom

In part 3 you are provided with detailed lesson plans that can be run as an 8 week block-study in the classroom or you can build your own lesson plans referencing this material. Each lesson can run for 30-40 minutes but this can be adapted as needed.

This 8 week programme has run extensively in schools for primary and secondary and only needs language-appropriate adjustments to cater ot each group. The lesson plans can be adapted for adult groups also, designed to raise all participants awareness of our relationship to our thoughts, feeling, others, the earth and recognising the emergence of the qualities of kindness, empathy and compassion over the 8 week period.The lessons build over the 8 weeks to week-by-week develop a deeper understanding of why mindfulness is such a wonderful, effective, self-regulating strategy.

“With Mindfulness training you are not adding to your knowledge in the
traditional meaning – you are actually removing some of the mental clutter
that is holding you back from being naturally mindful and in a state of
equilibrium”.Rita Riccola

How to win the battle
for students attention?

With the added distraction from mobile devices, texting and social media, the
challenge of keeping students attention in the classroom has become a whole new ball game.

In this course you will learn how to help students to be more present and stay focused by showing them powerful strategies to intentionally shift attention when the mind wanders.

Assessment & Certificate

At the end of the course there will be an assessment with a questionnaire to verify that you have gone through the exercises and got the full value of the course and also the option to have a certificate of attendance in hard copy sent to you.

certificate of attendance in hard copy

Trainer with 28 Years Experience


Rita Riccola is a NZ Teacher and a trained Mindfulness teacher with 28 yrs experience who has completed courses with Mindful Schools USA and attended many Mindfulness retreats.

Rita has designed these courses to meet the growing need for educators and human resource workers to offer Mindfulness training to all interested. The courses are continually well-received by many participants in NZ and Australia.

She has provided training for schools in Auckland and trained teachers at Diocesan Schools for Girls and Dilworth Junior College.

“Rita is a fabulous facilitator – she made us feel extremely comfortable, was open-minded and encouraged us all to share from our diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. I came away with many very practical, easy to use exercises that I have since been using with with my classes of various ages. Thank you Rita for gifting me such a wonderful and enjoyable afternoon of learning”-Louise Dore, participant, Auckland
“I’ve learnt valuable human, approachable ways to bring Mindfulness to my school and my own life”Peter, Sydney


What do you get from this Course?

  • Guided by an experienced mindfulness trainer
  • 8 Week Lesson Plans – Ready to use – suitable for all age groups
  • The opportunity to learn mindfulness from home at your own pace
  • Guiding Audios and Demonstration Videos
  • Be empowered by the discovery that you can self-manage your thoughts and emotions
  • Deepen your contact with your natural intelligence and intuition.
  • Learn How To Teach Mindfulness using proven & Successfull Methods

Developing Competence
in guiding mindfulness

Mindfulness is experiential. To be able to teach mindfulness effectively you need to understand how it works from the inside out. Mindfulness Facilitation is about co-creating an environment where mindfulness can ‘happen’. The Course’s Facilitators manual answer questions such as:
• How to begin a class?
• How to use language & the voice?
• How to use your authenticity?
• How to deal with difficult emotions? etc.

Personal Support

You are never left on your own! if there is anything you don’t understand or need more explanation for, you can email the teacher personally at any time.

Easy Online Access

You find the complete course , all resources; audios, videos & downloadable PDF files etc. logically structured in the online dashboard that you access anytime through your personal member account.

Course Content

Here is a list of all the tools and resources that you can access immediately after signing up.

  • Connector.

    Mindfulness Facilitation Manual

    with key points for guiding and leading mindfulness sessions with tips on how to use
    language, your own authenticity and natural authority and create the space where ‘Mindfulness can happen’.

  • Connector.

    Guided Mindfulness audios

    Audios for each weeks exercises that you can listen to anywhere.

  • Connector.


    with instructions and explanation of how Mindfulness works

  • Connector.

    8-Week Lesson Plans - ready to use

    that covers all main mindfulness exercises; breathing. listening, eating etc.

  • Connector.

    Enquiry Logs

    with questions and notes for each week.

  • Connector.

    Online Forum

    When you register you are automatically signed up as a member of the course forum.

  • Connector.

    Power Point Presentation

    with over 40 slides to use as a resource when you teach others.

  • Connector.

    Personal Support

BONUS: As part of the course you can register and come for half price (normally $495) to any of the 2 day Mindfulness Facilitation courses that are held regularly in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) and New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) . In these courses, among many other things you get the chance of guiding a group for first-hand experience and feedback.

Is this course for me?

Mindfulness is not just some trend, but a proven method to help increase attention, focus and awareness, making it possible to self-regulate and shift attention when caught up in unhelpful thinking and worrying. Mindfulness exercises are designed to train our awareness and to develop the ability to stay calm under stress and turbulence as well as having better sleep and increasing resilience.

Harvard, Oxford and Stanford Universities offer Mindfulness courses as well as many companies such as Google and Intel.

There is no religion, dogma or beliefs attached to mindfulness. Mindfulness has it’s roots in many contemplative practices but doesn’t require or impose on anyones belief system. It’s a mental activity that has proven to be of great benefit for maintaining physical, mental and emotional balance.

The many benefits of Mindfulness have been well documented, especially in the past 30 years since Jon Kabat-Zinn established the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme that has led to the wide-spread, acceptance of these practical exercises anyone can do.

Mindfulness practice doesn’t require any preparation or beforehand or knowledge of meditation. Anyone can experience the effects from these simple exercises.

It doesn’t matter if you never have meditated or done one mindfulness exercise in your life, this course is for anyone who wants to establish their own mindfulness practice and get the tools and resources to help others to improve focus, develop mental resilience and impulse control.

“Since this course I have been using these skills with my students and I want to thank you so much. Your course is amazingly comprehensive and has given me a full toolbox while also taking me on a personal journey”.Naomi M.

Powerful Live Sessions
for in-depth learning

With the course comes a Skype or Messenger session where we go deeper into certain aspects of mindfulness such as the physiology of breathing and Neuroplasticity.

The session is also a great opportunity to ask questions and give and get feedback.

Register Now and Start Immediately!

Mindfulness can’t be learnt by just talking or reading about it. Mindfulness is experiential. To be able to teach mindfulness you need to understand how it works from the inside out.

This course gives you the science, practices and tools to teach and help others and the inspiration guidance and methodology to establish a strong regular practice yourself.

To sign up and start your Mindfulness Journey, simply click the button below and you are taken to the registration page for checkout and immediate access.

Cost for the complete course including Part 1, 2 and 3 is $495 AUD.
There is no risk involved – You are covered by a 90 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This online course is based on Mindfulness in Australia’s programme that has been tested and proven with hundreds of participants of all ages.
We are fully confident it will work for you too if you follow it closely.
If you are not satisfied with the course for any reason you will be given
a full refund within 90 days of the purchase.

What Participants Say about Rita’s 2 Day Mindfulness Facilitation Course

“What I liked best about the 2 day training was the relaxed, knowledgeable approach to Mindfulness”.
-Laura, Melbourne

“I liked the pace, experiential learning and the facilitators sharing her experience”
Alison, Sydney

“I’ve learnt valuable human, approachable ways to bring Mindfulness to my school and my own life”
Peter, Sydney

“ I’ve learnt that you can choose to change. The interaction between participants was especially valuable”
– Jen, Sydney

“Rita is a fabulous facilitator – she made us feel extremely comfortable, was open minded and encouraged us all to share from our diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. I came away with many very practical, easy to use exercises that I have since been using with with my classes of various ages. Thank you Rita for gifting me such a wonderful and enjoyable afternoon of learning”.
-Louise Dore, Auckland

“I found Rita’s expert and gentle facilitating a wonderful way to explore mindfulness personally, whilst also guiding me to share mindfulness with others”.
-Suzanne Henwood, Auckland

“The Mindfulness Teacher Training 2 day workshop delivered some excellent material and provided participants with some definitive tools to enable them to develop their own teaching programs around. Rita’s knowledge and inclusive manner of facilitating made for an enjoyable experience”.
-Errol Alison, Wellington

“What I liked best about the course was the practical nature and the openness to ask questions”
-Wendy, Sydney

“I’ve learnt very practical strategies and meaningful discussions of experiences”
-Sarah, Christchurch


» improve students ability to deal with stress
» cultivate kindness and empathy
» designed by a registered teacher
» complies with the objectives of the curriculum for personal development
» suits all age groups

PATHWAY TOBecoming a
Mindfulness Facilitator


  • Connector.

    8 Week Mindfulness Training

    The first part where you establish your own Mindfulness practice

  • Connector.

    Learn To Facilitate Mindfulness

    The second part is about learning to guide others.

  • Connector.

    Bring Mindfulness To The Classroom and groups.

    Third part with ready- to -use lesson plans and demonstration videos

Yoga Class

Summary of Complete Course Content – Part 1, 2 & 3

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • How does it work?
    Evidence-based research results
    and the neuroscience.
  • Why Teach Mindfulness to Students and Children.
  • Breathing Exercise 1 and 2
  • Guided Body Scan
  • The STOP Method
  • How to build a MIndfulness Lesson
  • Tools & Resources

  • How to identifying patterns of thinking and reacting that keep us trapped.
  • Practical ways to work with  Difficult Thoughts and Emotions.
  • Turning boredom and restlessness into curiosity
  • Mindful Listening-expanded awareness.
  • The ‘Mountain meditation’
  • Training Session – Teaching Mindfulness
  • Questions and Answers, feedback/personal Enquiry into your own experience

Who is the course for?

  • Teachers
  • Yoga Trainers
  • Social Workers
  • Consultants
  • Psychologists
  • Team Leaders
  • Counsellors
  • Personal Assistants
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nurses
  • Parents
  • Spiritual Advisors
  • & anyone who want to add Mindfulness Facilitation to their skill set