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So you’ve completed the course? Well done!

If you would like to receive a certificate of completion for the 8 week online mindfulness training that you can print out in high resolution. Please scan or take  photos of your weekly journals and upload them using the form below together with your word of verification.

These journals are not measured in any way. It is for the trainer to your sight your reflections as you work through the course.
Remember there is no right or wrong in mindfulness practice. We are simply training our attention and growing in self-awareness.



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Upload scans or photos of your weekly journal sheets (They will be reviewed anonymously by the trainer.
Verify Completion of the 8 Week Course

Tick the box below to verify that you have completed each lesson in the 8 week course including the mindfulness practices and have practiced daily for a minimum of 8 weeks on an average of at least 15 minutes per day.

Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment about your experience of the course.

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If there is any problem with submitting the files – you can attach them in an email and send them to: